After a massive game in the court, sure you’ll stink and smell like freshly squeeze lemons. And during these times, you only want one thing and that is to go home, refresh and fix yourself up. You want to wash all the sweat and smell away. How can you do this? Do you need a magic wand or you only need to follow the following steps on how to stay fresh at home.

  1. Practice proper hygiene.

One of the most essential ways to stay fresh and clean at home even after a competitive sport game is to practice a proper hygiene. Make a habit of after resting your body from the game, take a shower and clean yourself up. Put on deodorizers and sprinkle some body cologne. There, you’ll easily feel freshened up.

  1. Dispose your sweat clothes well.

Sweat in your clothes might stink if not properly taken care of hence you need to dispose them in their right places. It’s better if you’ll dry them up first before storing them for washing. Or better yet, if you have extra time after the game, wash them immediately.

  1. Make use of air fresheners

Nothing beats the feeling of coming home to a place that smells fresh and yummy anytime of the day. You can do this by simply using air fresheners and deodorizers at home. Choose a scent that compliments your style or you can use different ones everyday to fit your mood. DIY air fresheners such as orange peels, citrus fruits and flowers are good to use too. Make sure as well that your air conditioner works very fine that it doesn’t produce any unknown smell and quality of air. If this happens, call an AC repair right away.

  1. Don’t sweat on all the interiors.

After a sports game, sweating is natural. It’s normal and perspiration helps you a lot with your exercise routines and goals. This is good for you physically but not on your interiors such as pillows, sofa, etc. With that being said, avoid close body contact with this home stuff after your game especially if you haven’t changed your clothes yet. You don’t want your entire home to stink, right? So, just follow.

Maintain freshness and cleanliness at home with these simple steps. These are specially made for you to stay feeling crisp and vivid even after a busy day at the gym or even after having a cutthroat sports game.