Our puppies are already part of our family hence we want them to feel as comfortable as we can. We feed them the right food, bathe them, take care when they’re sick and we want them to feel warm when it’s cold, same as to feel cool when it’s hot outside. If you are like us who treat their cute little ones as a true family member then read on how to care for them even more.

Here are the right ways how to take care of new born puppies and avoid them from getting ill.

  1. Feed them with the right food.

When we say feeding the puppies, it doesn’t mean that you need to buy them some dog food and fresh meat in the nearest grocery. Since they are too little for these yummy treats that they’ll love sooner, what they need is milk from their mother. Thus, your main task is to literally check the pups if they can get milk from their mother and no one gets left behind. When the pups are numerous, try to divide the time that they feed on their mom and make sure everybody gets the proper amount of milk they need.

  1. Put them in a comfortable dog bed.

Tiny bodies of the puppies are still weak and easily get ill hence you need to put them in a place where they won’t be harm by any means of harm such as bacteria, germs and even human power. Put them in a good bedding when they won’t feel cold and they can rest well while waiting for them to outgrown.

  1. Bring them to the vet.

Sure, a visit to a veterinary might cost you a little but its necessary and you just can’t skip it. Spending a bit is a part of taking care of dogs anyway so do it rather than lose them in the end. You need to give them the shots, supplements, vitamins and other medical services they should have at their very young age. With proper medical supervision, they’ll get far from getting sick and infected with various dog diseases. By a visit to the vet, you’ll save lives of these tiny loves.

  1. Make them comfortable.

Puppies like us humans feel hot when it’s hot outside and chill as well when it’s cold. With that being said, it’s for us to keep them comfortable during these days when the temperature rises or decreases. Your air conditioner shouldn’t be just for human use but for them as well. Make sure it’s working in summer to keep them cool and not sweating while not letting chill as well. Right temperature is the key. Doing this will also aid in keeping their bodies stronger against any body infections and illnesses.